The Wiki Loves Monuments competition happens again in September.

The Wiki Loves Monuments competition invites you to photograph built cultural environments and rediscover the treasures of your picture archives. This year’s theme in Finland is Heritage of Routes, Networks, and Connections, which is also the annual theme of the European Heritage Days.

The theme inspires photographing railway environments, canals, bridges, museum roads, Council of Europe cultural routes, official tourist trails, and the sites along them. We especially encourage you to take pictures of previously unphotographed places or buildings. They are marked with red on the map.

How to participate

You can participate in the Wiki Loves Monuments competition with photographs depicting human-made spaces, landscapes, or buildings, provided that they display a protected building or a cultural heritage site otherwise defined as valuable. You can find these sites on the map of the competition.

Upload images to Wikimedia Commons between 1 and 30 September to join the competition. In Wikimedia Commons, the images will be freely available under a Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 license for anyone to use. You can participate with images you have taken yourself during 2024 or earlier.

Please note these aspects:

  • Flying drones is regulated; remember to take the relevant regulations into account.
  • Respect the privacy of others. Ask for permission when photographing on private property, and remember to ask for consent to publish when people are present in your images.

Wikimedia Finland arranges the Finnish competition in collaboration with European Heritage Days, the Finnish Heritage Agency, and The Finnish Local Heritage Federation. The contest is running in Finland for the seventh time to inspire everyone to see and appreciate the cultural heritage around us.