The winner of the finnish series is Ragnar Ljusström with his atmospheric night photographs

The world’s largest photography competition Wiki Loves Monuments was organised in Finland this September and all around the world 1.9.–31.10.2021. The theme this year was sites that have rarely been photographed before. The winner of the finnish series is Ragnar Ljusström with nocturnal images of Pasila train depots and Suvilahti gasometer.

See also the winners of the international competition:

Pasila train depots

The jury thought that the geometry of this picture is captivating. There is movement in the curves of the train depots and tracks as in the vortices of the water. The contrast of the shadows and lights is stunning.

Pasila train depots at night in Helsinki, 27.9.2021, Ragnar Ljusström


Suvilahti gasometer

The fog and the lights create a mysterious atmosphere. The industrial gasholder and the mist that passes through it is a captivating combination.

Suvilahti steel gasometer at night in heavy fog in Helsinki, 11.9.2021, Ragnar Ljusström


Gift card prizes and entrance to the international competition

The winner of the Finnish competition is awarded with a gift card of 200€ to a photographic supplies store. The ten finalists are awarded with Museum cards and they proceed to the international competition.

In addition to Ljusström’s photographs, these are the images that proceeded to the international competition:

Ohtakari village and island in Kokkola, 1.11.2019, Teuvo Salmenjoki


Suomenlinna, 6.5.2014, Igor Gordeyev


Varkaus Paper Mill, 24.9.2017, Esko Räntilä


Katajanokanluoto islet with an old pilot’s cabin, 30.8.2021, Joneikifi


Tampere Cathedral, stained glass window by Hugo Simberg on the organ balcony, 30.5.2018, Ilkka Alavalkama


Noormarkku ironworks sawmill, 22.8.2021, Teuvo Salmenjoki


Siltasaarenkatu 13, Kallio Church, 5.9.2020, Marit Henriksson


Juselius Mausoleum in Pori, 26.9.2021, Kallerna


The rephotography series captured changes in landscape

In the Finnish edition of Wiki Loves Monuments there was also a rephotography series that covered historical views that were photographed again. This series rewarded Onkivesj with their photograph of the Sorsakoski factory. Onkivesj will be rewarded with a 100 euro voucher to a photographic supplies store and a museum card.

Onkivesj, 2021
Victor Barsokevitsch, 1915


Drone photography popular

The Finnish series received 859 images from 57 photographers. This year saw some especially fine drone photographs, of which two photographer’s images went on to the international series. This time there were also plenty of images featuring cultural heritage sites of which there were no previous photographs in Wikipedia.

The Finnish competition was arranged by Wikimedia Finland in collaboration with the Finnish Heritage Agency and Kerava Museum Services. The competition runs in Finland for the fifth time with a goal to inspire everyone to see and appreciate the cultural heritage around us.

More information:

  • Kimmo Virtanen, Wikimedia Finland,, +358 44 022 4007